No Longer an Oleh Chadash 2

2008 The Transition

Actually, the transition began at the end of 2007. We rented an apartment in Katamon from mid December to Mid January to finalize all our plans, furniture, building etc. and to attend the Bar Mitzvah of our oldest grandson, Moshe. A few days prior to leaving, I was at the gym changing into my gym clothes, I stood up and bent down to pick up my towel from the bench and the next thing I knew I was lying on the floor, writhing in pain. My back attacked me.

Needless to say, I went to Israel in severe pain and consumed much pain medicine. I also was able to borrow a walker from Yad Sara which enabled me to get around. We still accomplished all we needed to and returned to the US certain of our future.

Up until this time, our plans were still secret, except for our children, no one else knew – that is until, at the Bar Mitzvah celebration, Rav Rimon, Shlita, announced it to the immediate world. Needless to say the Israelis were very happy but our grandchildren went berserk. They knew we bought an apartment but thought it was for when we visited, there were five very happy young people there that evening.

Upon our return to the US I  visited a doctor friend who is a pain specialist. I had a series of epidurals, each one lasting less than the previous one. When it no longer did anything, surgery was decided upon. The surgeon told me I could fly six weeks after the surgery and it was scheduled for eight weeks prior to AliyahConfused smile. I considered waiting until I arrived in Israel but another doctor/orthopedic surgeon friend, already living in Israel suggested otherwise. I listened.

Of course, during this time period, our house needed to be cleaned out, 100+ boxes needed to be packed, the lift taken care of, etc. I had no idea how I would accomplish all this until I received a phone call from my younger son, Joel. He told me that he was packing up his apartment and putting everything into storage, giving up the apartment and coming to organize our move. Since he was doing free lance work that could be accomplished anywhere in the world where there was internet he would still be able to work as well. In truth, had he not done this, I would probably still be trying to get completely organized.

 THANK YOU, JOEL.Thumbs up

Joel took over everything and pretty much set a schedule to enable everything to get done on time. I also had to work. Each day he would tell us what needed to be done that day, generally doing the work under Ricki’s direction.

The surgery went better than predicted (thank you, Dr. Cohen) and I was cleared to fly after only four weeks.

Our lift went out on time although many boxes had to be privately delivered to the dock. With less than a week to go, we were technically homeless, but that, and our actual trip will be the subject of the next post. 


3 thoughts on “No Longer an Oleh Chadash 2

  1. on behalf of israel and ourselves, were so happy you and ricky made aliyah. we gained good friends, and israel gained great and loyal olim. win win for all.
    baruch hashem for kids who are willing to pitch in.

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