13 March 2012

Israel’s puppet rock sensation — Red Band — has made its way across the Atlantic. Public Radio International’s The World aired a segment on Friday that gave the raunchy puppet rockers some American spotlight.

Israeli and international musicians and the Red Band puppets cover classic songs

Grand Father got a new iPad… (1 min)

You do not need to know German to follow this. http://biertijd.com/mediaplayer/?itemid=33329


31. When I retire, I’m movin’ North.

30. Oh I just couldn’t, she’s only sixteen.

29. I’ll take Shakespeare for 1000, Alex.

28. Duct tape won’t fix that.

27. Come to think of it, I’ll have a Heineken

26. We don’t keep firearms in this house.

25. You can’t feed that to the dog.

24. No kids in the back of the pickup, it’s just not safe.

23. Wrestling is fake.

22. We’re vegetarians.

21. Do you think my gut is too big?

20. I’ll have grapefruit and grapes instead of biscuits and gravy..

19. Honey, we don’t need another dog.

18. Who gives a damn who won the Civil War?

17. Give me the small bag of pork rinds.

16. Too many deer heads detract from the decor.

15. I just couldn’t find a thing at Wal-Mart today.

14. Trim the fat off that steak.

13. Cappuccino tastes better than espresso.

12. The tires on that truck are too big.

11. I’ve got it all on the C: DRIVE.

10. Unsweetened tea tastes better.

9. My fiancé, Bobbie Jo, is registered at Tiffany’s.

8. I’ve got two cases of Zima for the Super Bowl.

7. Checkmate

6. She’s too young to be wearing a bikini.

5. Hey, here’s an episode of “Hee Haw” that we haven’t seen.

4. I don’t have a favorite college team.

3. You Guys.

2. Those shorts ought to be a little longer, Betty Mae.


1. Nope, no more beer for me. I’m driving a whole busload of us down
to re-elect OBAMA

ONLY A GRANDMOTHER WOULD KNOW… *>>>> ~A Cup of Tea ~>>>> One day my Gramma was out, and my Grampa was in charge of me.>>>> I was maybe 2 1/2 years old. Someone had given me a little ‘tea set’ as a> gift, and it was one of my favorite toys.>>>> Grampa was in the living room engrossed in the evening news when I brought> him a little cup of ‘tea’, which was just water. After several cups of tea> and lots of praise for such yummy tea, my Gramma came home.>>>> My Grampa made her wait in the living room to watch me bring him a cup of> tea, because it was ‘just the cutest thing!’ Gramma waited, and sure> enough, here I came down the hall with a cup of tea for Grampa, and she> watched him drink it up.>>>> Then she said, (as only a gramma would know), “‘Did it ever occur to you> that the only place she can reach to get water is the toilet?”>>>> *IF YOU SEND THIS ON, YOU CAN MAKE ANOTHER GRANDPARENT, AND MAYBE A FUTURE> GRANDPARENT, SMILE

In honour of Leonard Bernstein’s recent birthday,
enjoy the modern day version –
“Web Site Story”


Palestinian Terror (2002)

Dry Bones
March 08 2002

(2002) Dry Bones cartoon: Terrorism, Palestinians, Gaza, Israel, America, U.K., Missiles,
Today’s Golden Oldie is from 10 years ago this month, in March 2002.

For some reason this cartoon reminds me of a conversation with an old friend, now sadly departed. His name was Alex Berlyne. Alex, an Israeli Jew from the U.K. explained that because I had grown up in America I thought of certain situations as being “Problems”, while British English had the alternate “Trouble”. Alex maintained that speaking about the “Troubles” in Ireland, was descriptive of bad stuff going on, while my American use of the word “Problem” implied the exsistence of a solution.

-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973

The Republic has a CONSTITUTION???

Amendment 28

Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators or Representatives, and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States .

Imagine what we could do if everybody passed this around.


It takes your food seven seconds to get from your mouth to your stomach.

One human hair can support 6.6 pounds.

The average man’s penis is two times the length of his thumb.

Human thighbones are stronger than concrete.

A woman’s heart beats faster than a man’s.

Women blink twice as often as men.

Your body uses 300 muscles to balance itself when you are standing still.

Women will be finished reading this by now.

Men are still busy checking their thumbs.

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