Groundhog’s day, 2012

Kinneret water level rises 55 cm. in 1 month Lake remains 10 cm. below “bottom red line” despite significant increase.

Back wine articles.

Ancient wine   The importance that wine assumed in Judeo-Christian ritual stems from the prominent position of wine in Ancient Israel.

Wine Talk: The professionals  What is the difference between a viticulturist, a winemaker and a sommelier? Each is an expert in his own domain.

Wine Talk: The premiers crus of Israel  Six personal favorites are presented as the country’s pick of the crop

Wine Talk: Go Golan  Ideal for planting vineyards, the northern area has played a major role in the revolution of Israeli wine.

Wine Talk: Emerald, but not really Riesling  A cross between two grapes, Emerald Riesling is the leading semi-dry white wine sold in Israel.

 Wine Talk: California dreamer  A former journalist, New Yorker Jeff Morgan set out to prove to the world that kosher wine could be world class.

“You Don’t Look Jewish” I think she is worth listening to!

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