5 July 2011



(2001) American Jews, Arafat, Politics, Israel,
Today’s Golden Oldie cartoon is from July 6, 2001.
Ten years ago.

The Ambassador who was leaving back then was an American Jew. As I write this Israel is about to welcome a new American Ambassador. He’s also an American Jew.

I, of course, have nothing against American Jews, and I certainly don’t want to be politically incorrect, but frankly I’d feel more trusting with an American Ambassador to Israel who was an Evangelical Christian.

-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973

Close to Home

Real Life Adventures

There’s no right of return  International law and UN resolutions regarding the Palestinian question do not confer on refugees and their descendants a right to return within the borders of Israel.

There is no excuse for ignorant Jews Obama, Israel and the Jewish vote  
Obama will undoubtedly continue to enjoy wide support among American Jewry, but this does not mean his Mideast policies will be good for Israel.

Bnei Akiva and Meretz youth protest for Pollard  Dozens of students show solidarity with Jonathan Pollard by making their own prison outside the US consulate.


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