21 June 2011

I hope this does not kill them: EU Postpones Shechita Debate by Two Years Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yonah Metzger says Jewish pressure convinced EU to put off decision.

Is this MY pro-Arab Supreme court? Perhaps they read Shul instead of Mosque, the words are similar to “blind” justicesHot smile High Court: Burin Mosque Construction ‘in Contempt of the Law’ High Court discusses an appeal over an illegal mosque in Burin. The construction of the mosque is in “contempt of the law,” say judges.

Now, what did the UN say about an Israeli stray bomb is Gaza? NATO: Stray Bomb May Have Killed Libyan Civilians NATO “regrets the loss of innocent civilian lives” and notes Qadaffi’s regime is “determined to use violence against its own citizens.”

Are there any Jews left out there who are proud they voted for Osama, I mean Obama? Jonathan Pollard Denied Attendance at Father’s Graveside Prof. Morris Pollard was laid to rest Monday without having his son Jonathan present to say kaddish, the Jewish prayer for the dead

Compromise On Orthodox Basketball Player’s Shirt Basketball governing body allowed Naama Shafir to wear skin-toned elastic sleeves under game shirt.

Virulently Anti-Israel Event Backed by Local Jewish Federation Thumbs down A small, grassroots pro-Israel group takes on Hamilton Jewish Federation. Repercussions continue; free speech is turned on its head to defend BDS

How can you tell when Osama Obama is lying? Obama tells Jewish donors he strongly backs Israel His lips are movingRed lips  “US and Israel will always be stalwart allies and friends,” Obama tells group Americans in Support of a Strong US-Israel Relationship.

Our World: An Obama foreign policy  Robert Gates’s recent remarks signal that the president’s handling of US foreign affairs is about to undergo a dramatic transformation.

A couple of jokes – Sunday night, Ricki and I attended the show Comedy for Koby in support of the  Koby Mandell Foundation. This show, run by Joel’s former LA room mate Avi Lieberman raises money for this worthwhile cause. Avi told many great jokes, 2 of which follow.

Tel Aviv had their Gay Pride parade last week, of course the Haredim turned out in protest. They yelled, they sang and they danced. I looked at the, and, guess what? There were men dancing with men!

Q. What is the difference between a Haredi man and a pizza? A. A pizza can feed a family!

Very cute


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