17 June 2011


Catching up once again, at least here are some things for a peaceful(?) Shabbat

Do It Yourself

Shia, Sunni, Islam, Mahdi, Moslem, Muslim, Messiah, Jesus, Jews, Christians, Peace,Prophecy, End Time, 12th Imam, Hidden Imam, Shi'ite,: Dry Bones cartoon.

Word Power

Media, Islamism, Islam, Moslem, Shuldig, Muslim, Cancer, War, Terrorism : Dry Bones cartoon.

The Court of Public Opinion

public opinion, Israel, U.N., media, delegitimization : Dry Bones cartoon.


Danish cartoons, YIISA, Yale, antisemitism,  : Dry Bones cartoon.
I just returned to Israel in time for the Shavuot holiday, then slipped and slept through a sleepy Shabbat, and, Jet-Lagged, on Sunday nite, I sat down to do my first cartoon. I’d been in the States to explain my YIISA (Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism) “Secret Codes” findings.

* * *

The first news item that demanded my attention was the news that Yale was pulling the rug out from under YIISA. Hmmmm?

* * *

When Yale censored the book about the Danish cartoons. I “defended” them because they’d shown bravery and honesty in admitting that they were afraid to stand up to the thugs.

I wish that there was more in their current statement that would allow me to find a way to similarly “defend” Yale in this matter.

But I can’t find any so far.

-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973

Back in the Neighborhood

Alawite, America, Assad, Media, Shia, Sunni, Syria : Dry Bones cartoon.
I’m back in the neighborhood.

For me that’s the Middle East. Part of the difficulty about being in America was seeing how the U.S. government and the Media just don’t seem to understand the Mid East reality. “Arab Spring”? What are they talking about?


-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973


Yale,  YIISA,  Middle East, antisemitism,    : Dry Bones cartoon.
As Artist in Residence at YIISA, (Yale’s Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism), I proposed the idea that antisemitism is a cultural virus … a virus that is spread through the use of a specific set of viral graphic image codes. I wrote a YIISA working paper to analyze and describe the parasitic relationship between the antisemitism virus and the antisocial and dangerous mass movements which use it.

I am now planning to take the next step with a strategy based on those findings …It’ll be called “The Dry Bones Project to Fight Viral Antisemitism”.

Stay tuned for further developments.

-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973

The character of any man is defined by how he treats his mother as
the years pass …. need I say more about this person below other than
there is no character, no integrity but there is a ton of attitude and
arrogance that defines his shallow past and hollow future …. I rest
my case.

I bought and read Audacity of Hope. It was difficult to read
considering his attitude toward us and everything American. Let me add
a phrase he used to describe his attitude toward whites. He harbors a
“COIL OF RAGE”. His words not mine.

Is anyone out there awake?

Everyone of voting age should read these two books: Don’t buy them,
just get them from the library.

From Dreams From My Father:

“I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I
began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.”

From Dreams >From My Father :
“I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and
animosity against my mother’s race.”

From Dreams From My Father:

“There was something about her that made me wary, a little too sure of
herself, maybe and white.”

From Dreams From My Father:

“It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your
loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.”

From Dreams From My Father:

“I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn’t speak to my
own. It was into my father’s image, the black man, son of Africa , that
I’d packed all the attributes I sought in myself:
the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela.”

And FINALLY ……….. and most scary:

From Audacity of Hope:

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in
an ugly direction.”

If you have never forwarded an e-mail, now is the time to do so!!!
We have someone with this mentality running our GREAT nation!
Keep your eye on him and don’t blink.

I don’t care whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, a Conservative
or a liberal, be aware of the attitude and character of this sitting

PLEASE help spread the word!

Windex Tip

I have checked ‘
snopes.com ‘ to see if this actually works

If you ever get the sudden urge to run around naked,

You should sniff some Windex first.

It’ll keep you from streaking.



Have a Great Day!

If you were around in 1919 and

came upon the following poster………


I mean seriously…

wouldn’t you just keep drinking?

HEMA is a Dutch department store. The first store opened on November 4, 1926, in Amsterdam . Now there are 150 stores all over the Netherlands
Take a look at HEMA’s product page – just wait a couple of seconds and watch what happens…
DON’T click on any of the items in the picture, just wait…



Someone had to remind me,

so I’m reminding you, too.

Don’t laugh…. It is all true!

Perks of reaching 60

or being over 70


And heading towards

80 or beyond!


Kidnappers are not very

interested in you.


In a hostage situation,
you are likely to be released first.


No one expects you to run —



People call at 9 PM (or 9 AM) and ask, ‘Did I wake you?’


People no longer view you as a



There is nothing left

to learn the hard way.


Things you buy now

won’t wear out.


You can eat

supper at 4 PM.


You can live without sex

but not your glasses.


You get into heated arguments

about pension plans.


You no longer think of speed limits

as a challenge.


You quit trying to hold
your stomach in no matter who walks

into the room.


You sing along

with elevator music.


Your eyes won’t get

much worse.


Your investment in health insurance

is finally beginning to pay off.


Your joints are more accurate meteorologists

than the national weather service.


Your secrets are safe with your friends

because they can’t remember them either.


Your supply of brain cells is finally down to

a manageable size.


You can’t remember

who sent you this list.

And you notice these are all

in big print

for your convenience.

Forward this to everyone

you can remember

right now!


under any circumstances,

take a sleeping pill, and a laxative on the same night!

Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to, doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all they have.

Ralph and Edna were both patients in a mental hospital. One day while they were walking past the hospital swimming pool, Ralph suddenly jumped into the deep end.

He sank to the bottom of the pool and stayed there.

Edna promptly jumped in to save him. She swam to the bottom and pulled him out.

When the Head Nurse Director became aware of Edna’s heroic act she immediately ordered her to be discharged from the hospital, as she now considered
her to be mentally stable.

When she went to tell Edna the news she said, ‘Edna, I have good news and bad news. The good news is you’re being discharged, since you were able
to rationally respond to a crisis by jumping in and saving the life of the person you love… I have concluded that your act displays sound mindedness.

The bad news is, Ralph hung himself in the bathroom with his bathrobe belt right after you saved him. I am so sorry, but he’s dead.’

Edna replied, ‘He didn’t hang himself, I put him there to dry..

How soon can I go home?’

Happy Mental Health Day!

You can do your bit by remembering to send an email to an unstable friend…

Done my part!!




Women most probably won’t understand this, so ask a man to explain it to you.

A wife asks her husband “Could you please go shopping for me and buy one carton of milk, and if they have eggs, get 6!”

A short time later the husband comes back with 6 cartons of milk.

The wife asks him, “Why the hell did you buy 6 cartons of milk?”

He replied, “They had eggs.”


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