9 June 2011

For my Israeli readers, happy Isru Hag, I hope your cheese cake was as good as mineSmile.  For my readers in Chu”l, welcome back, I hope you had a 3 Lipitor holidayWinking smile. We had an amazing Hag,m Joel’s all night study session was a hit in my humble opinion. We then walked down to the Hass Tayelet, and overlooking this view devened Vatikin. As we were preparing to say the Shema, we saw the sun rise over to our left. It was a to be repeated experience!

Obama Inspired Ship to Join IHH Gaza Flotilla A ship flying US colors and inspired by US president Barack Obama’s book “Audacity of Hope” will be joining this year’s Freedom Flotilla 2.

Wine Talk: A perfect match  Although a wine and cheese tasting is almost a Shavuot essential, take care to choose selections that compliment each other.

John Bolton: US Can Stop PA Initiative by Halting Funds for UN A US law to cut funds for the United Nations if it recognizes the Palestinian Authority as a state would stop the plan in its tracks, says Bolton.


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