2 May 2011 Yom HaShoah

Today is Yom HaShoah, and is marked here in Israel very somberly. In about 40 minutes from now (my time as I write), sirens will be sounded throughout the land and we will stand in silence for a minute to remember those who were murdered – may their souls rest in peace and may they stand before Hashem and please successfully for us here. In their memory, my usual posts will be suspended and only those items related to the day will be printed.


holocaust, Shoah, Nazi, antisemitism, viral, divestment, Israel, 21st Century : Dry Bones cartoon.
Today, May 2, 2011 is Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day.

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-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973

Lest we forget

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Torch Lighter Chava Pressburger

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Torch Lighter Yona (Janek) Fuchs

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Torch Lighter Andrei Calarasu

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Torch Lighter Dina Buchler-Chen

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: 2011 Torch Lighter Avraham Aviel

Story of Holocaust Survivor Simcha Applebaum, 2011 Torch Lighter

IDF Recognizes 17,000 Holocaust Survivors The IDF’s “Flower to the Survivor” project brings together soldiers and Holocaust survivors.

PM: ‘World doesn’t understand lessons of the Holocaust’ Netanyahu speaks at official Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony at Yad Vashem, says “threats against us can’t be swept aside”; Peres: “The Holocaust proved that we have no alternative other than a homeland.”

From the MMY site

Reflections on Heritage Trip to Poland

by Rivka Holzer

Yom HaShoah in Israel is officially called “Yom Hazikaron L’Shoah V’L’Gevura”. We remember not just the Holocaust but also the “Gevura” (loosly translated as “heroism”) that took place during – after after – the horrendous tragedy of Churban Europe.

Every year a large contingent of MMY students participates in the Heritage Seminar to Poland and gains inspiration by learning about and “tapping into” those acts of Gevura which came in so many different flavors. One such example of that herosim is seen in those who somehow picked themselves up from the ashes, rebuilt their lives, and passed the flame of life and Judaism on to us – the 2nd and 3rd generations. The Heritage Seminar doesnt just visit death camps and focus on the tragedy; the seminar celebrates 900 years of Jewish life in Poland and its legacy for us today.

One student who particpated in this year’s trip had a particularly personal and introspective experience. In honor of Yom Hashoa 5771, she shares her feelings and personal story with us.

To quote Rabbi David Katz, “Each day of Heritage is like a week.” If that is true, then I spent about a month and a half looking into my ancestors’ history and – perhaps more notably – looking into myself.

For about a week before I left, I spent hours on the phone and internet researching my Zaidy’s history, getting details to the stories I had heard so many times before. I knew the course I had set for myself, thoroughly. I was determined for this trip to not only be educational, but also personal and real.

Read more>>

Israel observes minute’s silence to honor Shoah victims Scars of Aushwitz.

Sirens wail throughout country as Israelis remember 6 million Jews that perished in the Holocaust as a result of Nazi persecution. ore here

Israel observes 2 minute silence to honor Shoah victims 
Peres attends Yad Vashem wreath laying ceremony; Gantz visits survivors: Each Jew should see himself as if he or she survived the Holocaust.


I sometimes hear people complain that the word ‘heroism” doesn’t fit into the official name of the day today, “Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day.” But to the Jewish spirit, strengthened after centuries of persecution, even humanity’s most terrible and unforgivable crime comes with a ray of hope.

Its hard not to feel a sense of connection hearing of Osama Bin Laden’s removal as we mourn our six million. As we noted at the pesach seder, “in every generation, enemies arise to destroy us.” And each time, we continue to persevere and thrive.

The ashes of Europe’s decimated Jewry gave rise to a generation of pioneers who built the State of Israel under impossible conditions because there simply were no other options. Next week, on Yom Haatzmaut, as we celebrate Israel’s renewal in our homeland, we hope the souls of our fallen ancestors will be dancing with us, wherever they are. May their memories be a blessing.

Hundreds Gather for Yom HaShoah Vigil at Iran’s UN Mission “Amalek lives on in the form of Ahmadinejad and others who represent an existential peril to Israel,” rabbi says.

How Youth Villages Saved Kids from the Nazis Avraham Bar-Ezer tells the story of how he was saved – and helped build up the Land of Israel – as a student of a Youth Village

Survivors give up precious relics צילום: רויטרס Thousands of elderly Holocaust survivors answer Yad Vashem’s call to hand in Shoah-era keepsakes to preserve their memory for future generations. ‘Imagine if we had six million testimonies, it would stand forever against all Holocaust deniers’


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