26 April 2011 – Isru Hag in Israel

Well, I am back and starting the process of catching up – 300+ news items and 175+ emails. I had a wonderful Pessah with my family and hope that all of you had an equally great time!  We also got a bonus from Hashem, a couple of days of good rainfall!

Matza Lover

Holidays, Earthquake, Arabs, Flotilla, Shuldig, War, Rebellion, Jewish Culture, Passover, Pessach,  : Dry Bones cartoon.
This coming Monday, April 25, 2011 will be the seventh day of Passover and is celebrated as a “full” holiday.

Mr. Shuldig is planning to continue his non-stop Matza Munching until Monday night!!

Next cartoon on Tuesday April 26.

Happy Holiday!

-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973

Optimism (2004)

(2004) Dry Bones cartoon: Optimism, Passover, Easter, Spring, Future, Shuldig, Doobie,
Today’s cartoon is from 2004.

. . . it’s one of those cartoons in which Mr. Shuldig explains human behavior to Doobie, his dog, and it comes with my very best wishes for a Happy Easter to all of our Christian friends!

-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973

Failing to cross the moral threshold for statehood? Comment: The Palestinian society must do some soul-searching and start taking responsibility and owning up to the actions of its people.

Why am I not surprised?  J’lem light rail launch postponed due to safety issues Partial opening delayed for 10 days due to a decision from the int’l safety team that the control system was not ready.

So let it be

Tradition Today: The saddest day of all Let it be a day of remembrance and mourning, of tribute to those who suffered, those who perished and those who offered help and comfort.

1 May, 2011.  Its been a busy number of days and I will try to catch up today and, if necessary, tomorrowSad smile.

‘If it was your own son, would you just let him die?’ Schalit’s grandfather criticizes PM; Netanyahu’s office: PM must also consider those who might be killed by released terrorists.

Europe votes to label kosher slaughter ‘unstunned’ Jewish leaders calls Pessah vote ‘discriminatory’ and ‘insulting’; decision is part of bill setting fresh guidelines for food packaging.

How WikiLeaks undercuts The Goldstone Report WikiLeaks reveals that a far greater proportion of civilian deaths were caused by British, German and US military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan than those caused by the IDF in Operation Cast Lead. These latest revelations signal that it’s high time a single standard be applied to all democracies.

Gallup poll finds Israel 7th-most thriving country Sixty-three percent of Israelis consider themselves to be “thriving” versus only 14% of those in the Palestinian territories; Denmark tops list.

‘Annexation for declaration’ idea advancing in Knesset MK Danon preparing bills to annex West Bank, repeal Oslo Accords; annexation is intended to convince Europeans to stop UN vote on Palestinian statehood. More here.

Surprise! As if they ever were.Confused smile US: Assad no longer potential peace partner for Israel  Top US State Department official says it’s difficult to pursue other diplomatic missions while Syrian regime violently puts down protests.

Nationwide drill to test SMS alarms צילום: undex open Turning Point 5 drill in June to include text messages sent to civilians about attacks in their area

Netanyahu to PA : Peace With Hamas Means No Peace With Israel PM tells Abbas peace with Hamas means no peace with Israel after reports of a Fatah-Hamas reconcilliation emerge. And here

Gentile returns hametz he took from J’lem community Muslim man says drinking alcohol was against his religion and therefore he brought the merchandise back, which included pricey bottles of whiskey.

We should wait until they start sending rockets into Jerusalem wake up Tzipi Livni rejects Barak’s call for nat’l unity government Mofaz says the prime minister’s rejection of Fatah-Hamas reconciliation accord was “too fast, too panicky and too irresponsible”


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