17 April 2011

Chag Kasher v’Samayach Today is erev erev Pesah (that’s the accepted English spelling here. The “H” is both a hei and a chet ( I mean hetSmile). Designed to confuse us Anglo olimSmile. In any event, Ricki and I will be joining Alan and family and students for the Seder in the Gush and will spend the week there. Joel will remain in Jerusalem and make his own Seder as he has for many a year. I will have the laptop with me so I may have time to do some small posts but after today, the next big one will be after the Hag. So, to all our many friends and relatives merry matzo munching.

Surprise: Most of Israel’s Private Land is Held by Arabs Apartheid against whom? Most of the 1.5 million dunams of privately owned land in the Jewish state are in Arab hands.

Thumbs upNew at Kotel for Pesach: Mobility Scooter Old City to be closed off to private vehicles during Passover. Birkat Kohanim scheduled for Thursday, 21.4.

Can anyone explain this “logic” to me? Hamas blames Israel for the murder of Italian ISM activist Vittoria Arrigoni; says it was intended to scuttle the planned Gaza flottila Hamas Blames Israel for ISM Activist’s Murder in Gaza .

Two Arab Terrorists Confess to Fogel Massacre – without Regret Security forces arrested two Arab terrorists who have confessed to murdering the Fogel family last month. They did not express regret more here

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