11-12 April 2011

Senior Eye Exam


Do you need glasses??

Look carefully at the picture below…


Did you see the bare butt of the girl in the background?

If you did see that in the picture,

you need to have your eyes checked,

as that is the shoulder of the girl holding the camera!

My appointment is at 2 pm tomorrow!


Those fiendish Jews and their life-saving innovations Comment: Iron Dome? We didn’t think it would work. They can shoot our rockets out of the sky? Impossible. But heaven help us, they’ve done it.

REALITY CHECK!!! IDF conditionally ceases air strikes on Hamas targets Palestinian official says Hamas, Israel agree to truce shortly before Kassam rocket explodes near Ashkelon; no injuries or damage reported; Defense Ministry official: Israel will hold fire if Hamas does same. See here for a dose of sanity

France burqa ban comes into force צילום: APControversial law will mean country with Europe’s biggest Muslim population will no longer allow any public face covering more here

91 Years Ago: At San Remo, Allies Accepted Jews’ Right to Land 91st anniversary of the first int’l recognition of Jewish nat’l rights in Land of Israel – the San Remo Conference – will be marked in two weeks.

‘ICRC to Hamas head: Send new Schalit sign of life’ Organization meets with Mashaal in Damascus, asks for gesture before Passover holiday, Channel 10 reports; Schalit activists demand that Red Cross stop visiting Hamas prisoners or they’ll blockade ICRC offices in Tel Aviv.

Half of Americans oppose unilateral creation of ‘Palestine’ New Poll shows support for Israel still high in US; 66% of Republicans, 48% of Democrats against unilateral declaration of Palestinian state.

Why is this book different from all other books? ? New Maxwell Haggadah released צילום: AP Coffee company’s version of text has become American icon, gracing Passover tables since 1933

Bedbugs and Islamic maniacs at the UN

This is GREAT, a MUST watch. Please,it doesn’t take long. Lots of “food for thought”

If you haven’t seen this Brit before, you’ve missed an extraordinarily erudite speaker. He is serious when he is funny and he is funny when he is serious. And, boy, is he on point! This is his latest, and I think the first of 2011.

I wish every woman would see this; please share it.


Several Drybones, not sure if I sent them all.

What’s NEWS

Japan,  Tsunami, Earthquake, Nuclear, Disasters, Media,  : Dry Bones cartoon.
I’m often surprised by what the media decides the News is. Right now the massive destruction in Japan has become a background story, as the media concentrates on exaggerating the potential danger of the damaged nuclear energy plants.

-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973

Glenn Beck

George Soros, Fox TV, MSM,  Media, Glenn Beck : Dry Bones cartoon.
If you don’t recognize “Spooky Dude” as a nickname for George Soros, then you haven’t been watching or listening to news commentator Glenn Beck. Beck has been condemned as an antisemite and portrayed as a whacko conspiracy theorist. He is neither.

I am shocked that, like the Jewish State, he has been boycotted demonized and has had sanctions used against him. That his voice is being silenced in America’s Main Stream Media is shameful. Here in Israel, I, and many others have in recent months begun watching Beck’s TV shows online. Judge for yourself. Watch a few of his TV shows at: WatchGlennBeck.com

* * *

In May I’ll be doing a ten-city U.S. Speaking Tour as part of my “Campaign to Turn Z Street into the Grass Roots Zionist Movement That We Need” . The first two cities that we are announcing are Philadelphia and Boston. So if you’re a Zionist and you’re in the neighborhood, don’t be a stranger, come see me.

Philadelphia: Sunday May 15, at 10AM, in Winnewood, Lancaster Ave. and Remington Road (Temple Beth Hillel – Beth El)

Boston: Thursday May 26, at 7:30PM, in Stoughton, at 1179 Central Street (the Ahavat Torah Synagogue).

* * *

Cities to be announced include NY, Chicago, Detroit, San Antonio, and others. LA is still open, so if your organization wants to host an event in May in LA, let me know or send an email to Rabbi Lerner at pesach@youngisrael.org.

. . . and if anybody can set up a Glenn Beck Dry Bones meeting . . .

-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973

NATO Policy

Kitchen demo, NATO, Libya, Islamism : Dry Bones cartoon.
I’m a big fan of Western civilzation. I like the idea of freedom. I’d like to think that NATO’s Mideast policy was wise, positive, and likely to make things “better”. I drew the cartoon to ask the question. But I’m afraid that I know the answer.

-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973

Israeli CNN ? (2001)

Israel, Media, TV, CNN,  al Jazeera, 2001: a Dry Bones Cartoon

Today’s “Golden Oldie” is a Dry Bones cartoon that I did 10 years ago.

The idea for an Israeli CNN or al Jazeera never happened …but here in Israel we’re still swamped with, and addicted to, …the News!

-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973

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