30 March 2011

Bombing Libya

No Fly Zone NATO bombing of Libya : Dry Bones cartoon.
After the West shamefully ignored the brutal crushing of the democracy uprisings in Iran we now have the bizarre NATO bombing of Libya.

It feels like somebody pushed the panic button and the region is being plunged deeper and deeper into chaos. Yikes!!

-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973

News: Supermarket battles heat up as Passover nears The supermarket wars for Passover shoppers have begun. Despite rising prices, supermarkets believe that the cost of this year’s Passover shopping will be the same …

Jewish student files anti-Semitism complaint against York U Case follows alleged attack by anti-Israel activists in February 2010.

Video: ‘Expert’ Predictions Don’t Always Come True “My Israel” (Yisrael Shel-ie) publishes video which shows what really happened with predictions made by the leftist Council for Peace and Security.



2 thoughts on “30 March 2011

  1. I just tried my hand at drawing a comic about the war on Libya, though on a more lighthearted note than the first two here. You can find it on
    It’s a good question why the U.S. is in Libya to begin with. Do we not have enough problems of our own or do we just want to ignore them?

    • I do not draw cartoons, or anything else for that matter. I cull various sites and pass them along here. As to why the US is in Libya, i can only posttulate as follows: I, an American expat living in Israel have very strong ideas about this. Currently the US is in deep doodoo and is trying to use all kinds of smoke and mirrors to deflect attention away from that. That, in my not so humble opinion, is why it has to constantly meddle inother people’s affairs. The Israeli problem with the arabs living in Judea and Samaria is a prime example. As long as tghe US State department is willing to kiss the ass of the PLO leaders, and buy into the bull that they throw out, they will only ask for more. This, coupled with the Unwanted Nobodies (“UN”for short) joining in the feeding frenziy,only muddies the waters. Ledt to our own devices, we could solve these problems easily. Thank you for your comment.

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