25 March 2011

Happy #40 Joel!

Monster Attack

Disasters, Earthquake, Godzilla, Japan, Movies, Nuclear, Radiation, Tsunami : Dry Bones cartoon.
The Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BCE) said that “Art imitates nature.”

Japan in 2011 seems to say that, in this case at least, “Nature imitates Art”.

Your thoughts?

-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973

It’s about %&*$#@ time! Iron Dome heads south 

באדיבות משרד הביטחון Following escalation on Gaza border, Israel will station portable air defense system in south on Sunday in order to intercept rockets, mortar shells

Terror in J’lem? ‘Palestinian strike,’ Reuters says צילום: AP Reuters shies away from characterizing Jerusalem bombing as terror attack, referring to it as ‘Palestinian strike.’ Responding to Ynet inquiry, news agency says ‘it is not up to Reuters to say who carried out attack’

3 thoughts on “25 March 2011

  1. But you better believe that if the Israeli’s had set off the bomb, Reuters wouldn’t have any trouble labeling that as terror from the Jews!, or blaming it on the settlements!

    Have a great Shabbos.

  2. You better believe it, looks like BBC and CNN bought joint ownership in Reuters. I wonder if the double letters have anything to do with their attitudes, sort of likegetting stuck in the mud.

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