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Chag Purim Samaach, day 1 Martini glass

Sub: It’s Time for us Jews to Stand Up for Ourselves

It’s a sobering thought that Queen Esther, in the Purim story, after all of her pleadings to the King, received not a rescission of the order to slaughter all of the Jews, not an acknowledgment that genocide is wrong, but only the right of the Jews to defend themselves. After further pleading, all she got was an extension of this right of defense for another day, and then only in the capital city of Shushan. That’s it. That’s all the Jews got – just the right to defend themselves. Before Esther’s efforts, they didn’t even have that.
Astonishingly, even today, this is not an automatic right. The flotilla sent to break the Gaza blockade was based on the premise that Jews do not have the right to defend themselves. When Jews tried to stop the flotilla, they were censured. The Jews who boarded the ship to stop the progress of the flotilla and who were attacked on the ship, were themselves censured for defending themselves. When Jews build a fence to keep out terrorists, the world censures this right to defend themselves. When Jews try to stop rocket attacks on its cities, they are censured and told to simply sustain the onslaught of the attacks. World outrage on the events in Itamar was not directed at butchers and murderers, but at the Jewish response of building a house.
Amalek attacks the weaker ones. Sometimes, they try to create weak Jews by disallowing the right to be strong and defend themselves. Sometimes, they attack the physically weak, as they did in ancient times and last week in Itamar. Sometimes, they attack Jewish spirit. When Moses’s hands were raised in the attack on Amalek, Jewish spirit was strong and the Israelites had the upperhand. When Moses’s hands were lowered, Amalek was stronger. This battle of the spirit and against the evil of Amalek is a neverending struggle, (Exodus 17:10-16). It manifested itself recently in the Shoa, in the battle over the right of the state of Israel to exist, and in almost every country in the world today. It makes the story of Purim chillingly relevant.
May this Purim see a renewal of spirit and strength, and strength of spirit.

The Purim paradigm Looking to the Book of Jeremiah to find this elusive holiday’s significance.

Victoria’s Secret: The inside story of an arms-laden ship Led by Flotilla 13 commander Capt. S, the Shayetet 13 commandos evidently knew what they were looking for.

Megila readings find widening appeal among the seculars Scroll of Esther to be recited at kibbutzim, shopping malls and Tel Aviv’s central bus station.

Unfortunately, this is real, not a “Purim Spiel:” Sheftel: Amos Oz Culpable For Fogel Murders Attorney Yoram Sheftel takes aim at the rhetoric of leftist leaders saying they are responsible for inciting the murder of fellow Jews.

Helen Thomas: Jews control White House, US Congress In ‘Playboy’  Helen Thomas.(ed. note hopefully not as centerfold)  interview, veteran US journalist stands behind anti-Israel comments that led to her resignation: “I knew exactly what I was doing.”  More here

Move over sharks, vultures and squirrels. The “blame it on Israel’ crowd exposes a secret Mossad weapon: the menacing and death-defying rodent.

Israel’s Latest Secret Weapon: The Death-Defying Rodent

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