17 March 2011

Clean Up

BDS, Israel, Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions, libels, antisemitism, antizionism,  Delegitimization, Israel Apartheid Week, IAW : Dry Bones cartoon.
We are now in the midst of the annual anti-Israel anti-Zionist hate-fest circus of antisemitic libels now parading through university campuses. Those of us who are activists sigh, gather our quotes, write our rebuttals, and prepare to expose the double standards and lies of the BDS movement and its annual Israel Apartheid Week. Yes, It’ll soon be clean up time again.

* * *

According to Dr. Catherine Chatterly, director of the Canadian Institute for the Study of Antisemitism:

“The first [Israeli Apartheid Week] event was held at the University of Toronto in 2005. The following year, it included Montreal and Oxford. In 2007, it grew to eight cities; in 2008, to 24 cities; in 2009, to 38 cities; last year, to over 40 cities. This year, IAW will be held in over 55 cities worldwide.

Four years after Durban I, in 2005, Israeli Apartheid Week was born in Toronto. That July, 170 Palestinian civil-society organizations released an official call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (better known as BDS) against Israel. The document clearly stated that the call was modeled on the example of the South African struggle against Apartheid.

As with the original anti-apartheid movement, the goal of IAW is explicitly political. And yet the rhetoric of IAW is left open enough to incorporate: (1) critics of Israel who still support a two-state solution; (2) those who support the dismantling of the current Jewish State and its replacement with a single (highly theoretical) secular democratic state; and (3) those who support the destruction of Israel by any means necessary. All three camps are included amongst supporters of IAW and the BDS campaign, and therefore the lines are often blurred between harsh criticism of the state of Israel, outright condemnation of its continued existence, and calls for its eradication. This is a serious problem, and one that appears to be designed quite consciously by IAW and the BDS movement.”

We were out all day yesterday, hence no post. We picked up our granddaughter Sara and went to the Museum of the Diaspora where there was a wonderful exhibit on the Persian Jewish community (coincidentally, just in time for Purim). There was/is a continuing Jewish community on Persia/Iran since around 800 BCE, predating the time of Purim. There were fascinating artifacts and I recommend it highly, it is on display until 30 May.

Speaking of Purim, the following is quite cute.

Purim (1999)

Today’s Golden Oldie is from 1999. It’s not a cartoon. It is an online Purim page that I did for the Jerusalem Post. The idea was that you’d have to scroll down to read it. Like reading a Purim Megilla Scroll.


And a Happy PURIM to us all !

The joyful Feast of Purim celebrates a “close call” that the Jewish people had.
If you don’t know the story, read the Book of Esther in the Bible.
Reading the Book of Esther is one way that we celebrate Purim.

Traditionally we attend a reading in the synagogue. (From a long scroll, sort of like this long Dry Bones Purim Web page)

Obviously the saving of one Jewish community in ancient Persia is not what makes the joyous Purim holiday so significant.

And the characters of “Queen Esther” and “Mordechai the Jew” are NOT what makes the holiday tick.

The tale of Purim is important because it provides us with a view of the archetypical villain, Haman.


And recognizing the sly Haman who wants to destroy us is important, because there seems to be a Haman in every generation.

And so on Purim we celebrate our escape from a long line of “Hamans” that stretches down through history and around the world!

On Purim we bake or buy tasty pastries called “Oznei Haman”. (Which means “Haman’s Ears” in Hebrew). The pastries are sometimes called “Hamantaschen” (Which means “Haman’s Pockets” in Yiddish).

The triangular pastries are traditionally filled with poppy seeds. Yup, the seeds of the opium poppy. But the only buzz you’ll get from “Hamantaschen” will be the yummy taste and the joy of Jewish continuity and survival.

Some people prefer other kinds of pastry fillings.

On Purim, we dress up our kids in costumes and send them to knock on the doors of our friends and neighbors.

But unlike the Halloween tradition, costumed Purim kids are not on “trick or treat” missions.

They bring a plate of food treats to give to the people whose doors they knock on.

This Purim custom is a way of letting our fellows know that we are celebrating the survival and continuity of the Jewish people and a way of expressing our love of our neighbors.

(And what better treat to deliver on this occasion than a plate of “Haman’s Ears”?)


-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973

And then we have index.asp-x_context=2&x_outlet=37&x_article=2010

Please consider the following and sign if you agree  http://www.ipetition.com/str-asp-PetitionID_9-end-SignPetition.htm

Itamar Residents Celebrate Wedding at Joseph’s Tomb The IDF periodically allows Israelis to enter Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus – but no previous visit was ever as moving as the wedding there last night.


Expert: ‘The Supreme Court Doesn’t See Israel as Jewish State” Dr. Haim Shain of Shaare Mishpat College says: The Supreme Court supported expelling Jews from their homes, but would never allow it for Arabs.

Wanna bet they won’t find anything US gov’t to probe anti-Semitism at California university Alleged anti- Semitism to be investigated after lecturer filed complaint claiming university was failing to address hostile environment for Jewish students.

Where’s the international outcry against Arab apartheid? Where’s the international outcry against Arab apartheid?

What a Tzaddik!

Am Segula !!

Every day of Shiva – Rami Levi ( who owns one of the larger super market chains in Israel) comes by the shiva house in Itamar and fills the cupboards and refrigerator himself with food for the family and guests.
Today – one of the relatives expressed their appreciation to him and he said you will get used to my face. I have committed myself that every week I will deliver food and stock your home until the youngest orphan turns 18 years old.


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