25-27 February

It’s catch up time. We had all the kids here for Shabbat and with all the prep I had little time for everything else. Bottom line, we all had a great time and I look forward to doing it again. Without our aide it would have been impossible, so, even though she speaks no English and is not a reader, Thank You Tatiana!High five.

Gaddafi blames Osama bin Laden for unrest in Libya Embattled Libyan leader tells state TV that al-Qaida is responsible for the protests against his regime; says protesters are kids on drugs; compares himself to England’s Queen Elizabeth II. Gaddafi blames bin Laden for Libya bloodshed  צילום: רויטרס Libyan dictator says ‘no sane person’ would join protests against his rule, blames al-Qaeda for revolt; Gaddafi offers condolences for those killed in bloodshed, urges his people ‘not to be swayed by bin Laden’ See Dry Bones, below.

Nightmare Scenario

Bin Laden, Gaddafi, Libya, Oil, Europe, Al Queda, Revolution,
It’s one AM.

Earlier, I saw a newscast of Gaddafi’s insane ramblings about how Al Queda is behind the Libyan rebellion. Just before I trudged off to bed, I sketched this cartoon about what if Whacko Gaddafi were telling the truth and nobody believes him. I showed it to the LSW (Long Suffering Wife). She loved the cartoon. Which is why it is now one AM in the morning, she’s asleep in bed, and I’m posting this cartoon instead of the one that was already done.

So what do you think of the cartoon?

-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973

Be sure to watch the video Israeli song strikes a chord with Libyan rebels In “Zenga Zenga,” musician Noy Alooshe remixes Gaddafi’s speech with a hip-hop song and bikini-clad dancers.

Protect me from my friends, my enemies I know Thumbs down Israeli MKs to Attend Anti-Israel Conference in the U.S. Israeli MKs to Attend Anti-Israel Conference in the U.S.

Caroline Glick does it again
Miracle in Gaza a must watch Thank you, Ronnie


Opinion: Our Absurd Obsession with Israel Is Laid Bare Nick Cohen is a columnist for the London Guardian’s Observer, where this article appeared on 27.2.11, and the New Statesman. He writes occasional pieces for many other publications, including the London Evening Standard and New Humanist.

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