20 February 2011

Thumbs up It’s about time! If this passes, neither Barak can stop the buildingOpen-mouthed smile New Bid to Remove De Facto Freeze on Jews Judea and Samaria  A Knesset ministerial committee is discussing on Sunday a new bill to give Jews in Judea and Samaria the same rights that other citizens enjoy. Also here. 

Ritual bath unearthed in Baltimore  קטלוניה ספרד מקווה עיירה בסלו (צילום: גידו רן) Archeological evidence of a mikveh dating to 1845 excavated under Lloyd Street Synagogue, believed to be oldest Jewish ritual bath complex in US

Red Cross looks at providing kosher food American humanitarian movement says changing demographics have led to demand for food that meets specific cultural, religious needs

At least there are some non Jewish Brits who have a sense of morality – Kol HaKAvod Ian British author dismisses calls for boycott of Israel Ian McEwan defies pro-Palestinian groups who say acceptance of Jerusalem Prize “makes him collaborator with human rights offenders.”

If a Mob Screams ‘Jew, Jew!’ in a Cairo Square, Do MSM Hear It? Mainstream media didn’t hear those shouts during the brutal assault of CBS’ Lara Logan in Cairo, nor did they report on the assault for days.


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