16 February 2011

Watching From Israel

Egypt, Egyptians Riots, Media, Dictator, Iran, Tunisia, Israel, Bahrain, Yemen, Algeria, Middle East,: Dry Bones cartoon.
The events in the Middle East (as reported by the Media) are wonderful, exciting, fast-moving, and optimistic. It is the inspiring story of the sudden birth of democracy in the Middle East. One could only wish that it were true.

For an alternate view, and to see a moment of clarity pierce through the fog of Media wishful thinking, click on Interview with a Harvard historian.

-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973

Thumbs down Now if they were Right Wing protestors they would be languishing in JailSad smile Court orders police to help leftists protest Judge releases Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement protesters, slams police for needless arrests

New Middle East at a Glance-Country by Country: Part II  In light of unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, Arutz-7 brings Part 2 on what’s happening with the Arabs – & Jews – in the various states.

Two Mexicans are stuck in the desert after  crossing into the United States, wandering aimlessly and starving. They  are about to just lie down and wait for death, when all of a sudden Luis  says………
“Hey Pepe, do you smell what I  smell.  Ees bacon, I theenk.”
“Si, Luis, eet sure smells like bacon.” 
With renewed hope  they struggle up the next sand dune, & there, in the distance, is a  tree loaded with bacon.

There’s raw bacon,  there’s fried bacon, back bacon, double smoked bacon .. Every  imaginable kind of cured pork.
“Pepe, Pepe, we  ees saved.  Ees a bacon tree.”
“Luis,  maybe ees a meerage?  We ees in the desert don’t   forget.”
“Pepe, since when deed you ever hear of  a meerage that smell like bacon..ees no meerage, ees a bacon tree.”
And with that, Luis staggers  towards the tree.  He gets to within 5 metres, Pepe crawling close  behind, when suddenly a machine gun opens up, and Luis drops like a wet  sock.  Mortally wounded, he warns Pepe with his dying  breath,
“Pepe.. Go back man, you was right,  ees not a bacon tree!”

“Luis, Luis mi amigo…  What ees it? “

“Pepe.. Ees not a bacon tree.   Ees



  Ees  a ham bush…..”
   SO SORRY I know  there is something wrong with me for sending you this.  Just  couldn’t help it!
   The little voices  made me do it !!! And  I bet you tried to do the accent didn’t you  – I know you  did! 

The Myth of Illegal Outposts Attorney Yehuda Shimon, who has been living in the Shomron’s Gilad Farm with his family since 2007, explains why his settlement is not “illegal.”
Anti-boycott bill approved Bill imposes fines on Israeli citizens who back, initiate boycotts against state. Left cries racism
Has Mr. Glass found the Holy Grail of fizzy drinks? Mug US radio host claims he’s discovered Coca-Cola recipe in a photo of a book from 1885; Coke spokesman: It’s not the real thing

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