14 February 2011

Annual Event

viral antisemitism is spread by the annual Israel Apartheid Week : Dry Bones cartoon.
Today is Valentine’s Day. An annual event.

Another annual event is today’s meeting of the Israel Leadership Mission of the Conference of Major Jewish Organizations. I plan to be there (I’ve been invited to be on a panel.)

But my mind turned to a third annual event.

It will be the annual hate-fest called Israeli Apartheid Week. Organizers are hard at work at this very moment. It will hit in March with a wave of viral antisemitism. Too bad there’s no vaccine to protect the public. Yet.

(But I’m working on it).

-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973

Thumbs downNote the names of our Jewish Friends, including MK’s and “Rabbis”Thumbs down  Switzerland to Fund ‘Slander’ Conference Swiss funding for “peace” conference including several organizations that have been caught libeling Israel.

Jerusalem offers free audio tours of Old City Website with 10 ‘audio paths’ can be downloaded onto any mp3 device.


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