13 February 2011

We are lucky that Friday the 13th comes out on Sunday this monthLaughing out loud

‘Israel in worst shape for water resources in Mideast’  Indian think-tank report claims countries can make “blue peace” with water management, solve deadlocks between Israel, PA, Syria.

Rare Hamadryas baboon born at Ramat Gan Safari “It’s the first ginger-color-haired baboon born at the park in two decades,” says Safari’s Curator.

Ministers to vote on Daylight Savings Time bill Bill sponsored by Nitzan Horowitz could lead to changes that may mean Daylight Savings Time would continue until end of October every year.

Pray in mosque, rabbi rules In a responsa to concerned traveler who feels he can’t concentrate on prayers at airport, Rabbi Efrati says ‘best option’ is to go to Muslim house of prayer

PA TV Continues Praising Female Terrorist Mastermind PA TV screens two music videos celebrating the Coastal Road attack and mastermind Dalal Mughrabi. 37 Jews were massacred.

WOW! New Israeli Feat: Simultaneous Control for Different Drones  For the first time, two different unmanned drones can be controlled simultaneously from the same control center. Israel’s Elbit Systems reports.

So, what else is new? Analyst: Obama vs. Merkel on Egypt: US Omits Peace with Israel Two Western powers comment on Mubarak’s resignation: Germany’s Merkel calls for continued efforts for peace with Israel, while Obama does not.

Thumbs up Macy Grey donates first aid motorcycle after TA show Singer says gift meant “to save the lives of Jews, Christians, and Muslims” in Israel without any differentiation of religion.

Thumbs down Jew-hatred in Holland הולנד (צילום: מיכל בן ארי) Dutch government won’t pay for security of Jews, while anti-Semitism continues to grow


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