4 February 2011

Posted on Facebook by an Israeli:

“Dear Egyptian rioters, please don’t damage the pyramids. We will not rebuild. Thank you.”

Egyptian Elections

Egyptian elections : Dry Bones cartoon.
Current developments in Egypt are obviously a turning point in history. Its full importance will be really understood only by those who will look back at this time and the drama being played out on the streets of Cairo and other Egyptian cities.

As for us, we wait for the next step
…and the future that it will bring us.

-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973

Only in Israel. The last week, B”H has been quite rainy, albeit a bit late in the season – we will take what we can get. Anyway, I was walking in the German Colony today on my was back from the bakery to my van when I saw a car that was ticketed for illegally parking. Because of the wet weather, the ticket was placed neatly in a plastic bag.

Birthright rejects J Street effort to co-sponsor trip US lobby claims other groups have also organized Taglit tours with “political orientation.”

Thumbs upSee you on Shabbat! קידוש שבת חלת שבת פמוט פמוטים נרות שבת (צילום: ישראל ברדוגו) Moti and Liran offer cheery atmosphere in Rome, Bella and Moshe will make your favorite dishes in Canada and David family offers baked delights and an in-house physician. Welcome to Shabbat.com, where you can find a place to spend Jewish holy day no matter where you are


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