19 January 2011

Here are your Dry Bones blog updates

Dry Bones blog updates for lghaber@gmail.com

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the Blame Game

the blame game. How will history judge President Obama? : Dry Bones cartoon.
Joke: The guy who said “Every country gets the government that it deserves” was an anti-Semite.

Update: If I were to write the joke today, the punchline would add that he was also anti-American!

Question: So how do you think that history will judge President Obama? …or us, for that matter.


Lieberman Will Retire First Jewish national candidate is four-term senator




‘Barak, Netanyahu have made Lieberman de facto PM’  Knesset approves appointments of new ministers 53-40; Defense Minister, PM slammed for “stinky trick” that led Labor to leave government; Kadima MKs removed after spraying air freshener in symbolic protest. How do they expect the world to take us seriously?Eye rolling smile


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