11.1.11 11 January 2011 / 12 January 2011 (Gremlins)

My post for these 2 days crashed and, alas and alack, the autosave did notAnnoyed. I had several good stories, which, if I come across them again, I will repost. I do remember the following (Dry Bones, in case you cannot guess is one of my favorites).

antisemitism, IAW, Israel Apartheid Week, IAW, CAIA : Dry Bones cartoon.
Israel Apartheid Week (IAW) is an annual event. Its purpose is to virally spread the demonization and the delegitimization of the Jewish State. This year 40 festivals of hate will be celebrated simultaneously. It’ll be in March, and they’re already hard at work on preparations.

Last month the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA) announced the plan:

“This year, Apartheid Week will take place concurrently in over 40 cities worldwide, including Toronto, Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, Bay Area, Chicago, Washington, London, Oxford, and cities in South Africa. Complete with lectures, multimedia presentations, cultural performances, art showings film screenings and demonstrations, our understanding of apartheid Israel is developed throughout the Week, with every event and speaker adding insight into our analysis.” more




This was broadcast motzei Shabbat on “Roim Olam”, and I’m so glad to see it has been put on the web. Melanie Phillips needs to be heard far and wide.

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