30 December 2010

Subject: never thought of it this way….

Snow is like the shvigger …- comes for a day and causes trouble for the next 2 weeks.


Western Wall: ‘There’s an app for that’  New iPhone app will stream live video of Kotel; users can send emails to be placed in wall’s cracks; compass will give prayer direction.


‘A country more respected when stands up for values’ Slovakia, outgoing ambassador Ivo Hlavacek recalls, twice voted against Goldstone in the UN, supported Israel in other international forums.


Heblish (A semi regular addition)

I am a VERY WEAK Hebrew Speaker and I know that my frequent faux pas are sources of laughter. I believe that gives me the right to highlight similar mistakes by the Israelis use of English.

My son Joel sent a a thank you email to an Israeli for doing him a favor. Part of his response was: “You are mostly welcome”Smile

This one is from the English speaking/writing Jerusalem Post concerning early bar closing times in Jerusalem: Proposed regulation would force city’s bars and puns to close at 11 p.m.

Menus are another source of glee and Ricki and I look for them at every opportunity. Some postings that I remember are Cheek Pies (chick peas) Salmon (in Hebrew the “L” is pronounced) stripes (strips). and that venerable Italian  Potato dumpling nyoki (gnocchi).

Other words where every letter is pronounced in Hebrew Lincoln (Lin-co-lin) Chevrolet (Chev-ro-let)

Stay tuned for more Heblish.

Close to Home


This is a very powerful message

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