20 December 2010

security, mail, political correctness, post office : Dry Bones cartoon.

This cartoon reminds me that December 25 is right around the corner  which prompted me to create my list of top 5 reasons I love living in Israel this time of year:

5. When you go to the mall prior to the 25th of the month (Kislev) there are Chanukah decorations

4. The street lamps have Chanukah decorations on them

3. You do not have annoying Santas ringing bells on every corner

2. There are not extra long traffic jams by the malls and shopping areas

And my top, number one reason is (drum roll, please)


1. You do not have to listen to endless renditions of the little drummer boy on every radio station you tune in to.



Here is their website:


7 thoughts on “20 December 2010

  1. This email link was sent to me by a friend who also made Aliyah a year or so ago from Golders Green in N W London as did I. Your list of reasons which he attached have the following problems:-
    [5] So do the malls in Golders Green
    [4] So do the streets in Golders Green
    [3] Nor did we [in Golders Green]
    [2] There are always long traffic jams [in Golders Green]
    and last, but not least
    [1] Neither did we in London [and, of course, Golders Green.

    • OK, however, I come from the States, and Golders Green is not England. There are spots in many countries, but not whole countries.

      • The English sense of humour was ever a delicate blossom difficult to transplant, as here.

  2. Perhaps it is because, and no offense meant, the English seb=nse of humor is drier than a good Chadonnay? Did you get this from Ronnie? Please feel free to join.

    • Dry is not bad and wet not necessarily good either. I don’t think dry is the correct adjective to employ. I was reacting to the list Ronnie sent me and I have already taken the opportunity of joining, thanks.
      To my palate,, which might just possibly be too sophisticated, [ not necessarily a good thing], most Chardonnays taste too fruitily obvious, if that may be categorised as a taste. However the rest of the site looks good! More lightly-chilled Soave or Frascati, perhaps or a seriously dry Cava.

  3. I sense that the last wines would probably be delightful, however, I do not believe I have seen any of them here. Where could I get those varietals in Jrlm and I assume they would be Kosher. Welcome to my blog, I do not take my self seriously, so please don’t either:)

    • Prior to Aliyah my worst concerns were decent wine and decent fresh fish. I needn’t have worried. In the ;ast two years Israel has achieved Gold Medal status in the production of wines as judged on world standards and a stroll through Machaneh Yehuda would reassure any fish lover, apart from some of the fancy prices.
      Not taking oneself too seriously should not preclude from being serious, but with a big caveat.

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