12 December 2010

Israeli wearing tefillin on NZ ferry causes panic read it here

Globes (Israeli Financial Press) person of the year 2010: Stanley Fischer — Fed Chairman taped a greeting for the ceremony, says “It’s a privilege for me to say a few words in honor of my teacher.” Read it here


13 December 2010

South America haven for Nazi war criminals becomes pro Iranian, pro Palestinian, and anti Israel : Dry Bones cartoon.

My very good friend, and sometime Israeli, AS, publishes weekly chumras and chilul hashems to which I sometimes contribute. Last week he sent this as a “special” as it was very disturbing. After much thought I believe it is worth sharing with you.

This is long (15 minutes) but very, very educational as to what a Chillul Hashem is; very much worth the time.


Today he sent me this update:

Go to


and read the comments.  They’re more illustrative of the impact of this incident than the video itself.



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