10 December 2010

Obama supporters and detractors: Dry Bones cartoon.


Observations – Driving in Israel

After living and driving in Israel for more than two years, I thought I would share my observations in order to help the visitors and future Olim. Please note that none of these comments are meant to be derogatory or sexist –just what I have observed, so, here goes:

  1. Driving in Israel is the game of ultimate chicken. I have decided to be a chicken, thank you very much.
  2. Israeli traffic signals flash a yellow light prior to turning green, this is to tell the second driver in line to start honking his/her horn.
  3. If you do not like the way motorcyclists drive, stay off the sidewalk.
  4. A red striped line at a curb (kerb for you Brits) means you cannot park next to the curb. Therefore park on the sidewalk. If they do not want you to park on the sidewalk, they will put metal stanchions or concrete blocks. This means only motorcycles are allowed to park there. If they do not want motorcycles to park there they will put up netting.
  5. If you want to pull into traffic, make eye contact with the driver you want to cut off, that makes you brothers, friends, etc. and he will allow you in.
  6. Number 5 does not apply if the driver is a woman. Women are more aggressive drivers here than men are and, in addition they are talking (illegally) on their cell phone, doing their nails or putting on makeup, eating breakfast AND yelling at the kid in the back seat.
  7. If you are stopped by a policeman, yell at him, he will usually apologize and go away. If he does not, and you are a woman, cry.
  8. All traffic laws are only suggestions

I welcome additions to the list.

שנת שלוס


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