10 December 2010

Happy Chanukah Hanukka Hanukkah Festival of Lights

If you shop online

I found a great site called ebates, you get discounts and cash back awards, check it out here. You even get 5 bucks cash back after joining added onto your first purchase. So, if you shop on line you have nothing to lose.


2 thoughts on “10 December 2010

  1. the cash back offer sounds great, but not being knowledgable in hebrew, i have no idea what / where this was all about, since your attachment was all in hebrew. is it possible to translate it?

    if you are sharing your blog with other olim, what would be helpful would be your sharing who/what/where places you may learned about that have been useful to you. maybe others would appreciate that type of info. as well.

    • That is weird as I posted an English site and checked it out it was in English. It may be the way your pc is set up. I intend to share my insights as you suggest over time, like where to hve great roasted garlic on Shabbat:)

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