6 December 2010

We had rain today! May it continue.

International community sends help to fight gigantic forest fire in Israel.: Dry Bones cartoon.

We are all devastated by the terrible fire in the Carmel region and the loss of lives.  I personally was disgusted to learn that Yishai refused fire truck donations from Christian group (read the story here)

Millions of Israelis breathed a collective sigh of relief on Sunday after firefighters from here and abroad succeeded in overcoming the worst fire disaster the country has known, which killed 41 people, destroyed at least 50,000 dunams of Carmel forestland, damaged 250 homes, and caused over NIS 200 million in damage, according to initial estimates. This loss also consisted of over 5,000,000 trees! I think we should all consider making an earmarked donation to KKL-JNF to assist in the reforestation of the area. click here to donate.


Ricki and I went to the dentist today for checkups and cleanings and I got to thinking about dental care when I was a kid. At the start of the school year in the New York City Schools, each student was handed a white paper that was divided into three parts. We were required to bring this to the dentist and have a checkup. If there was no work required, the top piece was sent back that you were fine. If work was required, the middle part was sent back that you were “under treatment” and when the work was completed the bottom part was sent back stating that your teeth were now fine. As kids we actually bragged about who had the most cavities!

This brought me to thinking about Dr. Glaubinger, our neighborhood dentist and the, by current standards, antiquated equipment he used. The chair was inordinately uncomfortable and the drill was driven by a series of pulleys (ouch!). I wonder now how we could have tolerated a dentist with bad breath.

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